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2021 Waterflood Courses

April 26-30, 2021
Midland College Petroleum Professional Development Center
(Midland College PPDC - Technical - Engineering)

November 8-12, 2021
Houston Post Oak Hilton
Houston, Texas


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Services Provided to Assist With:

  • Reservoir Management
    • Reservoir analysis
    • Field development and redevelopment planning
    • Waterflood field studies: planning, implementation, surveillance, analysis
    • Waterflood feasibility workshops
    • Gas injection enhanced oil recovery: CO2 and hydrocarbon gas injection
    • Thermal enhanced oil recovery: steam flood and cyclic stimulation
    • Unconventional resource analysis and valuation
    • Reservoir simulation, including compositional simulation
    • Gas field studies
    • Gas storage field planning, evaluation and certification
    • CO2 sequestration candidate evaluation
    • Unitization studies
    • Pressure transient test analysis
    • Reservoir surveillance programs design and monitoring
    • Worst case discharge (WCD) modeling
    • Well stimulation recommendations
  • Financial Decisions
    • Reserves and loan basis evaluations
    • Bankruptcy support
    • Audits for banks and other lending institutions
    • Investment analysis and economic evaluation
    • Property evaluations: property acquisitions and property sales
    • Due diligence
  • Geological Evaluation and Reservoir Characterization
    • Basin studies
    • Field development studies
    • Exploration and evaluation programs
    • SCAL program design and oversight
    • Formation evaluation programs
    • Petrophysical analysis
    • Core interpretation
    • Onsite or remote support during logging operations
  • Training
    • Waterflooding: Performance Predictions and Surveillance
    • Simulation Based Waterflood Analysis
    • Aries and PHDWin database maintenance and support
    • Reservoir Engineering and Geological Technician Support
  • Technical Representation
    • Expert witness testimony: in court and before regulatory agencies
    • Engineering and management committees
    • Mediation
  • Example Assignments
    • Domestic and International
  • Areas Worked
    • Domestic and International
  • Client List