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  • Simulation Based Waterflood Analysis

    Traditional waterflood evaluation methods can be quite good, but they can also be cumbersome to use. These calculations are typically done by hand, or in spreadsheets, and they are tedious and time consuming. Tools exist today to expedite the waterflood evaluation process while incorporating and enhancing theoretical waterflood principles. One such tool is reservoir simulation using a single pattern model to predict waterflood performance of a typical field pattern. Such models are significant improvements over traditional methods in that they can incorporate variable reservoir rock and fluid properties, fluid saturations, and primary depletion. Pattern models allow the user to test sensitivity to unknown parameters. As an added bonus, these models are fast and easy to use.

    This five-day course covers waterflood theory and the traditional waterflood evaluation techniques. Attendees will also learn basic reservoir simulation skills, after which they will use a single pattern simulation model to solve numerous waterflood evaluation problems. The example problems are specifically designed to address real-world situations and they also reinforce theoretical waterflood principles. The specific software used in the course is Merlin, a black oil reservoir simulation model created and marketed by Gemini Solutions, Inc. There are other simulation models available which have similar capabilities. Attendees will receive a complimentary 45 day evaluation license of the Merlin pattern model software.

    Individual computers and software will be provided, as well as daily lunches.

    Attendees who complete the course will receive a certificate for 4.0 Continuing Education Credits (CEU) which is equivalent to 40 Professional Development Hours (PDH).

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  • This course is available to be taught in-house, upon request.