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2020 Waterflood Courses

September 28 - October 02, 2020
Waterflooding: Performance Predictions and Surveillance

Houston, Texas


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Course Outline
  • Day 1
    Waterflood theory and traditional evaluation techniques

  • Day 2
    Reservoir simulation principles and introduction to the Merlin single pattern simulation model

  • Day 3
    Working example problems in Merlin

    Problem 1 – Build model and deplete under primary production. Initiate waterflood at successively lower BHP values and study waterflood recovery and S/P ratio as a function of pressure at start of flood.

    Problem 2 – Construct model with Dykstra-Parsons V factor (permeability variation) of 0.7 and predict waterflood performance. Then change model perm’s to match a V factor of 0.9 and re-run. Compare results of the two predictions, especially WOR performance and ultimate recovery.

  • Day 4
    Working example problems in Merlin

    Problem 3 – Construct pattern model and make several runs varying oil viscosity between runs. Calculate mobility ratio (M) for each case and compare predicted performance. Show that waterfloods can work at surprisingly high values of oil viscosity.

    Problem 4 – Study sensitivity to vertical permeability. Construct Merlin model with and without vertical permeability. Study effect on primary prediction and on waterflood recovery. Reverse layering sequence and repeat.

  • Day 5
    Students work waterflood problems brought to class.

    Additional example problems will be available if students don’t have specific problems on hand.

    As an additional bonus, there will be a demonstration of other pattern modeling capabilities of Merlin including: nine spot waterflood pattern, single well radial, horizontal well with staged frac’s, and vertical well with staged frac’s.