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  • RESERVOIR DESCRIPTION, WATERFLOOD DEVELOPMENT PLAN, AND RESERVES EVALUATION (ARGENTINA) – Prepared the long-term waterflood development plan for a large Argentinean oil reservoir currently under primary production. This project included analyzing several hundred well logs, preparing a complete set of reservoir maps for the 40 layers involved, interpreting existing waterflood pilot performance data, constructing rate and development evaluation tools, creating a development plan that maximizes value, and providing the information necessary for certification of the reserves associated with the project.
  • MATURE WATERFLOOD STUDY (WEST TEXAS) - Studied a Clearfork waterflood project operated by a major oil company. The flood has shown only limited oil response while experiencing continued high GORs and rapidly increasing water cuts. Simulation of the reservoir and injection patterns has revealed poor injection profiles over a 1,000-foot gross interval, compounded by poor rock quality and heterogeneities. Differentiating between pay and non-pay in a silty carbonate has been critical to understanding possible profile improvement value. The study will provide the client with a prioritized list of candidates for profile improvement and an evaluation of rate and reserves benefits.
  • HORIZONTAL WELL SIMULATION (GULF OF MEXICO) - conducted a numerical simulation of a horizontal well in the Gulf of Mexico to maximize oil production rate and ultimate recovery from a viscous oil reservoir with a gas cap and a strong bottom-water drive.
  • SIMULATION AND OPTIMIZATION OF A GEOLOGICALLY COMPLEX RESERVOIR (NORTH AFRICA) - conducted a detailed petrophysical and geological study of a large partial water-drive oil field. Constructed a multi-layered geological model and incorporated results into a numerical simulation model. Performed history match on pressure and production. Forecast production behavior under alternate depletion options with and without supplemental water injection to optimize reservoir development.
  • GAS CYCLING (COOK INLET, ALASKA) - evaluated the potential for gas injection into an undersaturated oil reservoir in the Cook Inlet of Alaska for a major oil company. As an initial step, oil recovery was predicted using an analogy technique by scaling the results from a field near this project.
  • RESERVOIR SIMULATION (AFRICA) - performed a study of a new field discovery off the West Coast of Africa. The purpose of the study was to help optimize the development of the field and to study various options for pressure maintenance.
  • RESERVOIR SIMULATION (GULF OF MEXICO) - modeled a gas reservoir with strong bottom-water drive in the Gulf of Mexico to determine possible benefits from horizontal wells compared to vertical wells in terms of optimizing rate and recovery.
  • MEDIATION (CALIFORNIA) - successfully mediated a dispute between the U. S. Government and a major oil company in an equity redetermination issue relating to gas reserves at one of the Naval Petroleum Reserves. The case was challenging as the redetermination was retroactive to 1942 and hinged on resolving differences in determining productive hydrocarbon pore volume and recovery factors in a partially-depleted, multi-layered reservoir.
  • ARBITRATION (GULF OF MEXICO) - served as an arbitrator in resolving unitization issues between two large independent oil companies involving two offshore blocks in the Gulf of Mexico. Final equity values were computed after taking into account geophysical, petrophysical, geological, and engineering factors for this multi-zone, shaly sand field.
  • SCHOOLS (INTERNATIONAL) - conduct in-house schools in reservoir engineering, waterflooding, and economics for major oil companies in several areas including Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Angola, Canada, Egypt, Malaysia, Nigeria, North Sea, Thailand, United States, and Venezuela. Assisted each in optimizing recovery from their respective operations in those areas.
  • LOAN EVALUATIONS (DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL) - provide consulting and evaluation services to a number of domestic and international banking institutions for the purpose of assisting with major financial decisions involving oil and gas properties.